Powdercoating is an incredibly hardwearing, durable and cost effective coating that can be applied to any metal surface in a nearly limitless range of colours and textures some of which are not easily achievable by conventional liquid coating methods.

Like many processes surface prep is everything in powdercoating. If steel or aluminium are not properly prepared the powdercoating finish will not last. To ensure a premium finish Coastal Finishing pre-treat all products.

All aluminium products are treated through our in-house Acid etch and Chromate conversion Process. This ensures that the products are cleaned of any oxide layer and through the chromate process the aluminium is chemically coated with a film which improves adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Steel products are pre-treated through our custom made Rotoblasting system or through a conventional Sandblasting process. This ensures that there are no residual oils or greases on the steel and there is an appropriate surface finish for the powdercoating to adhere to.

Our current facility is equipped with:

  • 7m x .9m chromate bathing system
  • Semi-automatic shot blasting machine with an opening size of 1.4m x 0.6m (Conventional sandblasting is currently outsourced but we are in the process of installing our own sandblasting booth)
  • 9m x 2.7m x 8m Long ventilated Powder room
  • 2m x 2.2m x 8m baking Oven.
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